Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fearless Quilters Follow-Up

You have read here about the wonderful ladies of the Fearless Quilters of Rolling Bay. Here they are, meeting at Esther's Fabrics on Bainbridge Island to sew together.

Last week, I had a visit from two of the Fearless Quilters: Sally and Joanna.
They came to sort and select fabric for the Fearless Quilters to use in making quilts for Katie's Comforters. They also helped me to select fabric and assemble kits for those who wish to finish the beautiful quilt tops I have written about here. It was a pleasure to spend time with these generous ladies.

Here are a few more photos of the beautiful quilts made by the Fearless Quilters for donation Seattle Children's Hospital through Katie's Comforters Guild.
We are grateful to the Fearless Quilters of Rolling Bay for their ongoing support of our guild's work!

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