Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Donations from Dottie

This summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Dottie A.
Linda & her mother, Dottie
Dottie is the mother of one of my friends from Seattle Children's Hospital (Linda).

Linda made a big difference in my life by the way she took care of Katie's physical therapy needs, as well as her emotional needs. I wrote about it in my book, "Because of Katie." When Dottie came to visit Linda, they came to our small town, and we spent several very pleasant hours together.

Dottie is a VERY talented quilter. Very talented.
She shared photos of some of her quilts, and they are lovely. We had a lot of fun talking about quilting, visiting our local fabric store and talking about life in general.

Dottie decided to make quilts for our guild, even though she lives in another state. In the following videos, she shows what she has made; Linda is bringing them back with her from Dottie's home.
I can't get the last one to load...*RATS* Well, you can get the idea from the first two!
Thank you for making these quilts, Dottie!
Thank you for delivering them, Linda!


  1. I have a question about whether a quilt I'm working on will be acceptable. A friend gave me a stack of very gently used men's polo shirts. I've cut them up and am about half done sewing them into a quilt. I think it would be ideal for a teenage boy because of the colors and texture of it. (Browns, greens, blue, orange with various stripes) I'm just wondering if it counts as "new" if it's from recycled clothing. The batting and backing will be new. Thanks!

  2. Dear Polly,

    Excellent question - I'm so glad you asked! Your quilt sounds as if it is going to be very nice, but hospital policy forbids us to accept items made from even "very gently used" fabric. That means no sheets, dresses, tablecloths, etc., too. So the answer is "No," it doesn't count as "new." However, I am sure another recipient will enjoy it very much!

    We are sometimes given beautiful, new fabric, so if you want to sew for our guild, but don't have the means to buy new fabric, perhaps we can coordinate a transfer of material to you. Feel free to contact me about this, and thank you for asking such an important question!