Thursday, October 25, 2012

Donations & A Day of Learning with Lucile

Part of donation from Jan and Duane S.
 Last week, I met with Jan & Duane S. in Seattle to pick up a very generous donation of nearly 10 bags of fabric and quilting books - about 75 books! What bounty of gorgeous fabric and inspiring pattern ideas. These gifts will make it easy to supply our quilters for some time to come. Thank you, Jan and Duane!
Lucile and two of her beautiful quilts
I asked Lucile if she would come and teach me more about quilting. Lucile is very, very good at sewing, as you will know if you read this blog. She knows how to do so much with a sewing machine and a serger! I wanted to be able to take some of our small pieces of fabric and make them into larger pieces so that they would be easier to work with, especially for our beginning quilters - or for those who don't like working with smaller pieces. They are lovely and in perfect condition; they just take more time to piece and sew and iron.

Lucile knows just what to do. She brought samples which she had made, so that she could not just TELL me, but SHOW me how to do it. She is a natural teacher. It was fun and I did get the hang of some simple steps.

Lucile brought two different squares which she had prepared. She had cut two square pieces of fabric into triangles, swapped them and sewed them back into squares. She showed me how to select and measure and cut and sew a border around the squares...and then do it again and again. Here is the finished quilt top.
Quilt top started by Lucile, finished by me (taught by Lucile)
 You can see that there are three different borders around those triangles/squares.

 Here are 26 more quilts that Lucile & Noble delivered to us for the patients at Seattle Children's Hospital! 
26 more from Lucile!
Thank you, Lucile & Noble!

Today, I met Kathy W. and picked up nine boxes and nine bags of gorgeous fabric. Some of it has already been made into quilt tops by Kathy's talented (late) mother. There is every conceivable color in this stash. It filled my SUV. Thank you, Kathy! We now have so much fabric that I can hardly walk into our family room.

So here is your part: please consider sewing a blanket or quilt for Katie's Comforters Guild to donate to Seattle Children's Hospital. If you don't sew, please ask your friends and family who do sew if they would like to either sew with/for us, or join or guild and sew with/for us. The hospital is nearly out of blankets and Lucile makes a quilt every day as it is! Please help us to turn this bounty of beautiful fabric into comfort for sick children! Thank you.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of fabric. When we get together for me to pick up some fabric, I'm more than happy to take smaller pieces and sew them into quilt's actually more fun. I'll ask around out here and see if I can get a few other people to help. There are several kids in our community who have been patients of Seattle Children's hospital in these last few years.

  2. Thank you, Polly - that will be a huge help! I also have some quilts tops ready to make up into quilts, if any of your friends are interested in those. Some really fabulous hexagons that I can't even adequately describe - I should post those here, too!