Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Blankets?

Why was Katie's Comforters Guild created to make blankets, instead of raising money to buy blankets?

A store-bought blanket is a nice gift. But the gift of a homemade blanket, with all of the care, love and intention that goes into it, can have a profoundly comforting effect on a person who is in the hospital.

Many patients at Seattle Children's Hospital don't know they are going to be checking in to stay, when they arrive there. Some come in through the Emergency Department, as Katie did; some are airlifted to the hospital. Some are simply coming in for tests, but then a problem is discovered, and they are unable to go home and get items that are comforting and familiar to them. By grace, Katie had thought to bring her quilt from home with her the day we were sent in for tests!
Katie used her quilt as:

*a reminder of home (this photo is during her first round of chemo, in the ICU, with Nurse Heather);

*a tent, to hide under, and sometimes to feign sleep with;

(here she is a few weeks later, checking her email on the SCCA ward)

*a mask, to block smells that bothered her;

her quilt is barely visible --under the big pink and purple fleece blanket from a friend -- in this photo with David and two of the Seattle Seahawks, but it's there!)

*a lap blanket, to warm her legs when in the car or a wheelchair;

*a wrap, like a pashmina, to keep her upper body warm;

*a blinder, to avoid sights she disliked (such as hypodermic needles);

*a bathrobe, over her pjs (this is David, Katie and Nurse April, helping Katie to walk after her surgery);

*a distraction, studying its pattern (the state flowers of the U.S.A.), instead of watching procedures

*a comforter (here she is on the surgery ward, almost ready to go home, nearly 6 weeks after her 18-hours-long surgery).

I'm sure there are lots more possible uses than these. Kids are creative!

Thank you for your interest in Katie's Comforters Guild. Please spread the word!


  1. This was so nice for her. I am glad that she had that blanket. I don't know how to quilt but I would love to help. Plesae let me know what I can do

  2. I would like to make a donation to Katie's guild, but I have not been able to find information on where to send the donation. Could you post the mailing address for donations? Thank you for sharing the beautiful story of her life.

  3. Thank you both for these comments. I will put the address of the Guild (in c/o the Guild Association) into a posting right away.

  4. It's such a wonderful organization --