Monday, May 9, 2016

Annette and Fabric Traditions

We have been fortunate to receive another donation from Fabric Traditions in NY. Annette S. sent a box of FUN team-licensed cotton, which will make wonderful quilts, if any of you would like to take on such a project. Feel free to contact me here, or via email at KARENLBOREN at yahoo dot com.

Here is the assortment which Annette sent:
I realize that some of the teams represented here are rivals of the Seattle Seahawks, but since Seattle Children's Hospital serves patients from all over the world, I hope we can set aside some of our feelings about the (insert name of rival team here), and make these quilts for the kids! If it's too hard to feature one of these teams, perhaps an adventurous quilter will make a quilt with a bit of fabric from each team in it?

The only request which came with the box from Fabric Traditions is that we share photos of the finished quilts with them. That will be easy and rewarding for whoever makes the quilts, and we will be pleased to put them here on the blog (& on Katie's Comforters Guild's Facebook page).

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