Friday, December 18, 2015

8 Quilts from Bonnie P.

On Monday, Bonnie P. stopped by with eight beautiful new quilts to donate. Bonnie is a talented creator of intricate quilts, and she even dyes some of her own fabric! I persuaded her to sit for a few photos with her gorgeous handiwork:
(please ignore the holiday-preparation  chaos behind her)

Thank you, Bonnie, for your faithful support of, and membership in our guild!

Animal Prints!

Linda K-H sent a message to let us know that she had delivered three new quilts to our local, independent bookstore, Liberty Bay Books. I went to pick them up and was delighted to find these bright and cheery animal prints:

Thank you so much, Linda (for the gifts of time, talent and treasure), and Liberty Bay Books for being such a welcoming hub in our town!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fabric Traditions of NYC

Out of the blue last week, I had an email exchange with Annette S., whom I'd never met before. She said:
"I work for Fabric Traditions in New York and was wondering if you could use cotton [major-league baseball-themed] fabric. I would UPS it, so if you would like it, please send me an address...It is so wonderful what you and all your volunteers do."

Oh, yes, we would LOVE to use Fabric Traditions' MLB fabric, Annette! 

The box arrived, containing these bold, fun prints:
 ...and a letter which said:
"Enclosed is a variety of fabric donated to you by Fabric Traditions. We are happy to contribute to such a wonderful cause and hope this fabric will bring joy to those you help.
"The only thing we ask of [you] in return is to please send us photos of what you create with the fabric. We'd love to share with others the work that you do so they too can be inspired. You can email any photos to 
"Best of luck with your endeavor.
The Fabric Traditions Team"
Would YOU like to make quilts with this fabric? Are you willing to share what you have made (through photographs) with Fabric Traditions? If so, please contact me and we will coordinate a delivery to you.

Many thanks to Annette and Fabric Traditions of New York!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mickie and Owen Deliver Comfort

Dedicated Guild members Mickie and her son, Owen (Owen is a junior member) went out of their way to help Katie's Comforters by picking up and delivering 14 quilts made by friends - nine were made by Margie (in Lynden) and five were made by 12-year old Helena!
Owen with quilts at the hospital's entrance

Katie's Comforters Guild is able to deliver comfort to patients only because of the generosity and dedication of all of our guild members and friends, like Mickie and Owen. From sewing to delivering, from volunteering to help behind the scenes to donations of fabric or funds, in spreading the word by mouth and media, every single contribution helps - and we are GRATEFUL!

Thank you, Mickie, Owen, Luke, Margie and Helena!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Sue H. and Friends

Sue H. and her friends came over several months ago to help us by going through donated fabric and taking it with them. She has since turned some of it into truly beautiful works of quilted art.

This week, I met Sue for a delivery. She has made some holiday-themed quilts, and others with year-round themes, and donated 17 in all. It was such a gift to see the fabric, which had been sitting idly in storage boxes, transformed into joyful, comforting quilts for patients.
There are 19 quilts pictured, and 17 of them were donated this week!
Quilting is a magical art: you select fabric which appeals to your eye, combine it through creativity and craftsmanship, and voila! The finished work is not only beautiful, but durable and practical, and can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Thank you, Sue! We are deeply grateful to you for your dedication to Katie's Comforters Guild's mission of bringing comfort to patients!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fleece from April

We received the following photo from April:
She has created these five cozy quilts out of fleece, rather than cotton. Aren't they cute? They are going to delight their recipients.

Many thanks for thinking of  - and donating to - Katie's Comforters Guild, April! 
We are grateful for your donation of time, talent and materials to bring comfort to patients!