Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fabric Traditions of NYC

Out of the blue last week, I had an email exchange with Annette S., whom I'd never met before. She said:
"I work for Fabric Traditions in New York and was wondering if you could use cotton [major-league baseball-themed] fabric. I would UPS it, so if you would like it, please send me an address...It is so wonderful what you and all your volunteers do."

Oh, yes, we would LOVE to use Fabric Traditions' MLB fabric, Annette! 

The box arrived, containing these bold, fun prints:
 ...and a letter which said:
"Enclosed is a variety of fabric donated to you by Fabric Traditions. We are happy to contribute to such a wonderful cause and hope this fabric will bring joy to those you help.
"The only thing we ask of [you] in return is to please send us photos of what you create with the fabric. We'd love to share with others the work that you do so they too can be inspired. You can email any photos to 
"Best of luck with your endeavor.
The Fabric Traditions Team"
Would YOU like to make quilts with this fabric? Are you willing to share what you have made (through photographs) with Fabric Traditions? If so, please contact me and we will coordinate a delivery to you.

Many thanks to Annette and Fabric Traditions of New York!

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