Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gratitidue for Friends, Near and Far

It's always good to hear from friends, near and far away. We have received two generous donations from two far-away friends: one from Cami, who has been living in China, and one from Dorothy, who lives in Idaho.

Dorothy (Dottie) makes fleece blankets with a sewn binding, and finishes them with her own labels, which say, "A Kiss from Katie." Dottie donated this group of eight soft fleece blankets, in colors sure to delight both boys and girls:
Thank you, Dottie!

Cami was back at home for a visit from China, and during her visit (between looking after family members east of the mountains, and traveling out of state for a wedding), she took the time to cut fringe into 23 fleece blankets to donate to Katie's Comforters Guild. That is true dedication! Here is Cami's donation:
As she originally hails from Eastern Washington, Cami represented Washington State University well with her choice of fleece (red blankets), yet was also fair enough to include the University of Washington Huskies (purple blankets) as well as the Seattle Seahawks (blue). Patients who are sports fans will be very happy with these team colors!
Thank you, Cami!

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