Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Invitation from the SOVREN Guild

We received the following invitation from the SOVREN Guild:
Share our dream…vintage racing to benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital The SOVREN Guild is presenting a unique opportunity for your guild to participate in a fundraising event where 100% of funds raised and matching money earned by your guild’s efforts, will be allocated to your area of special interest at Seattle Children’s and your guild will receive soft credit in the hospital’s Annual Report. On Friday, June 19th, we will be presenting the 6th Annual PNW Karting Challenge at PGP Motorsports Park located at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington. The event fields 25 karting teams, each consisting of 4 drivers and as many supporters as possible. The race is catered to the new drivers as well as experienced kart drivers. The cost of registration, which covers the cost of kart & track rental, staffing and insurance is $250 per team.

Donations for your team’s efforts are raised from business associates, friends and family...Donations can be sought for laps completed within the 2 hour time frame or a flat pledge to the team. We can help each team set up their own online donation account through RAZOO, which makes it easy for drivers, guild members and supporters to email friends and/or business acquaintances letting them know of your guild’s participation in the race and how they can donate to your team online. Team drivers do not have to be guild members but could be spouses, children, grandchildren or friends. The only restrictions are that they are at least 15 years old and 5 feet tall and before the race, have some experience driving a kart. But, we make that easy too with special pricing and help, from the staff at PGP Motorsports Park, to get both experience and to qualify….give them a call at (253) 639-7223 (RACE) and let them know that you are participating in the Seattle Children’s karting race on the 19th.

The most exciting news for guilds is that through our generous matching sponsor, Jackson Dean Construction, we have $20,000 of matching funds available and each team has the opportunity to add to their earned donations. For the first 15 teams to raise $1000 in donations, Jackson Dean will donate an additional $1000 to their team’s funding focus. The next 5 teams to reach $2000 (Prior Jackson Dean matching donation $ not included in this total.) will receive an additional $1000. After the race is concluded, SOVREN Guild will allocate whatever your team has earned (including any matches) to your area of special interest. All Karting Challenge donations will flow through the SOVREN Guild and on to the Guild Association in your guild’s name. One more piece of late breaking news is that an anonymous sponsor has offered to add $250 to the fundraising efforts of the first 12 teams to register and sign up for online fundraising through Razoo (please see instructions attached.)…what a great way to quickly get to the minimum fundraising level of $500!
 Here is the link to follow:
If you have questions, please contact: Larry Duffield, SOVREN Guild
Seattle Children’s Hospital PNW Karting Chairman
Tel:( 206) 412-6643 or (425) 823-6081

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