Monday, October 13, 2014

Kris's Gifts via Cindy and David

On Saturday, we had the privilege of accepting a gift from two families who reached out in their own grief to bring comfort to others. This kind of gift is deeply honored, and we want to tell you about the donors.

Cindy contacted me a while ago about her talented and creative friend, Kris. Kris had a beautiful eye for design, and had a collection of fabric which reflected it. Sadly, Kris had a very advanced cancer; however, in her own time of need, she was thinking of others. She and Cindy sought a new home for her fabric, and in their search, they found Katie's Comforters Guild.

We hoped to meet one day to make the transfer of fabric, but Kris's health declined too rapidly to allow for that. She passed away a few weeks after our initial contact, and later, Cindy contacted me. On Saturday, Cindy and her husband, David, came to Poulsbo deliver the fabric to us.

We agreed to meet at Katie's memorial bench.
They brought two baskets and two boxes of gorgeous, vibrantly-colored fabric. Kris clearly had exquisite taste in fabric - and in friends.
If you would like to make a quilt (or quilts) for Katie's Comforters Guild to donate to patients at Seattle Children's Hospital, and are in need of new fabric, please leave a message for me here, or on our facebook page. It will be a privilege to work with Kris' stash and turn it into comfort for sick children!

Thank you, Cindy and David, and thank you, Alexa! 
Though we never met her, we honor Kris's memory, her generosity of spirit and her creative talents.

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