Thursday, May 8, 2014

Donations and the "Economy of Grace"

I often say that Katie's Comforters Guild operates on an "economy of Grace." This is evident when we hear from people "out of the blue," who decide to donate their stash of fabric, or gather a group to sew, or send a check to our guild to help us purchase supplies. I always love to see it happen, and it just did.

I received a request for help from a teacher who I've never met, who would like to have her class make blankets to donate through Katie's Comforters Guild. I asked our treasurer to check our bank balance, and it was a bit low. I was just wondering how to respond to the request, when a friend donated a check "out of the blue," for the exact amount I had hoped to send to the class. Thank you, Mary Kay, for being part of our economy of Grace! Because of her generosity, I was able to buy a gift card at a fabric store, which the class will turn into fleece blankets for Katie's Comforters Guild!

And again: our friend Cami just dropped off 11 beautiful fleece blankets for the guild to donate. Here they are:
There are 11 blankets made from 8 different patterns of fleece

Thank you, Cami! Your gift of cheerful, lightweight blankets is perfect for spring and summer hospital stays. The kids and their families will love them.

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