Sunday, March 9, 2014

Overdue THANKS!

I've been away on vacation, so this "Thank You" is overdue to  
Lucile and Noble,
who drove down to Poulsbo and donated 35 new quilts and fleece blankets. Here are most of the 35:
 Aren't they beautiful and cozy-looking?

A heartfelt "Thank You" is also due to Lynda F.,
who read about us last year, and recently contacted our guild to offer her stash of quilting fabric and thread, as well as some donated by her sister. She delivered them to me in Poulsbo this week.
We are deeply grateful to Lucile, Noble, Lynda and her sister!

 If you know anyone who has NEW fabric to donate, or time, talent or funds to share with our guild, please contact me here or via email or our facebook page. Our "economy of grace" is a beautiful thing to behold, and in which to take part!


  1. Beautiful! I've got one quilt that just needs a binding...but it will probably be a month or two before I make it over to drop it off...and by then hopefully I'll have a few more to bring.

    1. Thank you, Polly - that's great news! Let me know if you have photos you want to share, and I will be happy to post them here/on our Facebook page!