Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Two New Quilts

We've just received two beautiful new quilts from different sources. One came from Linda W. of  Liberty Bay Books' knitting group, and its rainbow pastel colors and Winnie-the-Pooh theme are going to make a little child very happy.
The other was created by Megan M. as her senior project - she just graduated from high school. Congratulations, Megan! Here she is, holding it.
Her quilt is larger, and will bring great delight an older patient.
If you know a senior in high school who needs inspiration for a graduation project, please consider suggesting a quilt or blanket-making project to him/her. We have lots of fabric and pattern resources to share, and will be happy to provide information to make it easy.

We are always happy to support people who want to organize a blanket-making event or fundraiser for our guild. We also love to welcome new members, whether adults or junior members. If you know someone who might like to join us, please give them a link to this blog, our facebook page, THIS LINK to sign up directly at Seattle Children's Hospital's website, or have them email me directly. You can help us keep comfort flowing to sick children by helping our group to grow, and by making blankets with us! It's fun, and it feels great to bring comfort to a child in the hospital.

Thank you, Linda and Megan!

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