Saturday, March 30, 2013


Do you ever wonder why each and every donation of blankets, quilts, fabric, time, talent and funds is so important to Katie's Comforters Guild? Here is the answer.

Jane H. (also known as "the Blanket Lady) is the one who distributes the blankets and quilts which are donated to Seattle Children's Hospital's patients. Jane is on the board of the Guild Association and a great supporter of all that we do.

She just informed me that she handed out nearly 500 quilts and blankets this month.
500! Not all of those came from our guild, but still - that is a lot of comfort, and it illustrates just how great is the need. With the hospital's brand-new building (expansion), the need is growing even greater now. Thank you for your help, Jane!
If you know of someone who likes to sew, knit, crochet, make fleece blankets, or who would like to make a donation of new fabric or funds, please have them contact us here or via facebook. Thank you!

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  1. Such wonderful many good people helping out. :)