Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Blanket Bounty

It's time to give thanks to our many donors for their thoughtful generosity. As you know, we are trying to do all we can to fill the hospital's request for blankets with holiday/winter themes. Of course, we are grateful and delighted to accept any theme/design of blanket at any time of year, but there was a special request at this time for blankets for the children who will be inpatient during the holiday season. Our members and friends have come through for the hospital's patients - THANK YOU!

Here are some of the newest donations.
4 quilts from our friend, Karla W.
8 fleece blankets from Karla's friend, Heidi K.
Fleece blankets from our friend, Cami H.

More fleece from Cami H.
How cute are the cat and dog Santa prints?

More fleece from Cami H.
A combination of 8 quilts and fleece blankets from Lucile & Noble
7 fleece blankets from your president (with help finishing the fringes from Cami H.)
Four quilts from Karla.
Eight fleece blankets from Heidi.
Cami donated 13 fleece blankets, and helped me to finish the seven which I donated.
Lucile & Noble donated eight blankets and quilts.
Member Ellie B. donated funds for more materials.

Thank you, friends and guild members, for all that you do to help us bring comfort and joy to patients at Seattle Children's Hospital!


  1. Karen and fellow guild members- This is so exciting! All of the above along with 10 that our church youth group made adds up to 50 blankets for the holidays! Way to go!!!
    -Mary and Briana of Poulsbo

  2. Thank you, Mary & Briana! I am so glad that you added your group's contribution! Forgive me for missing them in the count - I think it's because you delivered them yourself!