Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lucile & Noble's Latest Contribution

Fleece blankets by Lucile
Quilts by Lucile
I met Lucile & Noble yesterday for a quilt & blanket delivery. She has made 21 fleece blankets and 12 quilts for Katie's Comforters Guild since we last met.

This delivery was particulary exciting to me, because I had recently given Lucile some of my "stash" of fabrics, and she turned them into finished quilts for the hospital!
Olivia quilt
I don't have as much time to sew as I originally did when we started Katie's Comforters Guild. Being president means that I "wear a lot of hats," and most of my work is now in pick-up & delivery of quilts, keeping up with this blog (& photography), sending "thank you" notes, and networking for the guild. I don't often get time to sit down and use my own sewing machine nowadays.
Detail of Olivia quilt
Lucile is a much faster and more highly-skilled seamstress than I am, so it is more efficient for her to sew than it is for me to do it, but sometimes I miss the process. My favorite things about sewing are selecting the fabrics, pinning them together, and admiring the finished product. So in giving my fabric to Lucile to sew, I got to do two out of the three of those favorite things. And look at what she did with what I gave her!
European travel (left) and floral (right)

Old-fashioned beach print with mosaic fish

Butterflies with watercolor abstract
Flamingo quilt and dolphin camo quilt

Musical instrument quilt and crocodile (or alligator?) quilt

Pink curlique & bubble quilt
If you love to select fabric, but are not a skilled seamstress, consider buying what you like, and donating the fabric to our guild. We have guild members who will be happy to turn your materials into blankets and quilts!

Thank you, Lucile & Noble!

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