Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Donations this Week

This has been a great week for donations to Katie's Comforters Guild. We recieved this beautiful knitted blanket from Ricki at our cats' veterinarian's office. She's a very experienced knitter. The blanket has gorgeous autumn colors, juxtaposed with a cool blue - a great contrast!
We received a beautiful, intricate patchwork quilt from Joan B.:
We also received 45 new quilts from Lucile. Check them out!
I love this crocheted blanket that Lucile made, too.

I drove to Lucile and Noble's house to pick up the blankets, which were taking up a lot of space in their home. While I was there, Lucile showed me how she is using 6" fleece squares which were donated to her. She is sewing them together with a zigzag stitch, side by side, rather then one on top of the other. It's fantastic: no ironing, no trimming of seams, no cutting fringe - just zig, zag, and the result is a beautiful fleece quilt! So if you have smaller pieces of fleece, you don't need to throw them out; you can try Lucile's technique.
Here is a close-up view:
Here, she made her own binding:
Noble & Lucile were written up in the March, 2011 issue of the Port Ludlow VOICE, on page 15. The article talks about their recent award as Jefferson County's Chamber of Commerce "Citizens of the Year." Congratulations to the Nilsens for their well-deserved recognition!
Last Saturday, Katie's portrait (on the far left) was unveiled at Seattle Children's Hospital's Bargain Boutique on Bainbridge Island. Katie & Hannah Hunt are the newest children to have their portraits placed on the Wall of Courage. You can read about this on my blog here  and in the Bainbridge Review newspaper's article. There were two reporters at the event, so there may be another article with more coverage coming soon.

Thank you, Ricki, Joanie and Lucile!

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