Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Sewing Bee

Today, a group of friends joined me at our house for an informal "sewing bee," or what we liked to call a "stitch 'n bitch," after the knitting books of the same name.

We had a potluck brunch: salads, fruit, veggies and dip, baguette and cheese, pastries, bread pudding with a fabulous hard sauce, mimosas, coffee, great conversation - and we made lots of quilts!

We started with a quick overview of how to make a quilt like Katie's,
and quickly moved on to sewing.
More friends arrived later, and we continued passing on the pattern and sharing the fun.
All in all, 5 quilts were finished, 7 were pinned and one is part-way pinned. We also cut 17 pieces of batting from a full roll, and they are ready to use.

This is a fun way to combine visiting with a great meal and making quilts for Seattle Children's Hospital patients. I highly recommend it to all of you guild members and your friends!
Thank you, Stitch 'n Bitches!


  1. I'm married to one of those Bitches and let me tell you, she is great at it! (Stitching I mean) :)

  2. She is, Paul. She's as sweet as can be, funny, fun, and looks so cute in these photos. AND she cooks like a dream, too - you hit the jackpot.