Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gratitude for Generosity

Before Christmas, I met Joanne N., a member of the Rachel Knott Guild at Seattle Children's Hospital. Joanne made two beautiful quilts for our guild, and drove half an hour from her home to meet me and deliver them. Here is Joanne with her lovely quilts:

We have also received some generous gifts of money, and a gift card to Jo-Ann Stores for the guild, recently. We appreciate every single blanket, dollar and every good word that is shared about our mission. Cami, Gerry, Glenn, Mom and Dad, Dr. M. and Mary Kay: special thanks to all of you.

I received an email from a blogging friend (who is a teacher in the midwest), telling me that she was going to send a batch of blankets that her students had made to donate to our guild. The box arrived this week. Here are photos of the quilts:

Aren't they luscious? They will make the patients who receive them very happy!
Thank you, DreamerGirl and students!
I will be sending more photos to you after I take these beautiful quilts to the hospital.

A best-selling author (who lives locally) sent a beautiful blanket to donate to the guild, and a signed copy of one her books (as a gift to me). Thank you, Susan Wiggs!

At a recent neighborhood party, I was able to give brochures and information to people who asked about the guild. Some had seen the article in the Kitsap Sun. One kind new friend posted about us on her blog and on facebook. She said that her "twitter" goes out to 5,000 people, so that was a great gift of sharing the news! Thanks, Caron!

Now, we need knitters, quilters, crocheters or fleece blanket makers to help us produce blankets! Because of the donations we have received, we can help you with purchasing materials, if you are a guild member and have a need. Please leave a comment here if you would like to join us, and I will get in touch with you. And knitters/crocheters, check out this notice from Jo-Ann Fabrics:

They are having a sale on beautiful yarns by the author of "Stitch 'N Bitch!"


  1. I'm a notorious lurker! But on another blog I lurk on, the boy was given a blanket at Seattle Children's Hospital and I wonder if it was one of Katie's.


  2. I am so happy to see so much positive activity with Katie's guild!!! Yeah for great people helping!!

  3. That is so great.. the quilts are so sweet and I'm sure they will make a sick little one so happy!

    Sounds like you're getting some great publicity too. Woo hoo! : )

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Welcome to our blog! Thank you for the pointer to www.connorsong.blogspot.com. I visited Connor's blog, and it looks as if his blanket was made by another donor, but thank you for pointing it out. We have been given some of those wonderful fleece blankets to donate, too (see a recent posting here) and they are a big hit with the kids.