Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Sew-n-Sews' Latest Bounty

Katie's Comforters Guild is grateful for all of our friends and supporters, whether they are guild members or not. The Sew-n-Sews are a wonderful combination of both. They meet once a month to sew for patients at Seattle Children's Hospital, and it is because of guild member Sue H. that we are blessed with this relationship. Sue was our original contact, who introduced us to her friends. Thank you, Sue!

Having a regular group meeting date makes it easy to plan (and not to miss) a sewing gathering. There is fellowship and fun in meeting around a craft table and sharing love and care for others in need. The Sew-n-Sews met recently, and produced a fabulous new batch of baby blankets and quilts.
We are deeply grateful for your dedication and generosity, Sew-n-Sews - thank you!

Friday, April 15, 2016

April's Giving

Our guild's friend April C. has been at it again - making beautiful, original quilts and donating them to Seattle Children's Hospital via Katie's Comforters Guild. Here is her latest batch of seven:
We appreciate April's generosity, creativity, industry and sense of community. She is not only willing to meet with fabric donors to collect their gifts, and regularly transforms those gifts into quilts for patients; she also sorts and catalogs each donation very carefully via spreadsheet format, and delivers the finished quilts to the hospital. The result is a pleasure for all to see (above)!

Thank you, April, and thanks to fabric donor Sherry B.!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Lucile Donates 38 New Blankets

Gregg and I drove to Port Ludlow to see Lucile last weekend.  There in her living room were 38 new blankets, made with her love and artistry, for Katie's Comforters Guild to deliver to Seattle Children's Hospital.

This batch of blankets are mostly receiving blankets for the tiniest patients. Soft flannel, sewed with sweetly embroidered trim, mixed and matched in color and pattern for interest, fun and cheer. Here are some examples:
We are deeply grateful to Lucile for her continued generosity in donating her time, talent and materials to our guild. We love delivering comfort to patients and their families, and donors like Lucile make it possible!
Thank you, Lucile!