Thursday, January 21, 2016

Out of My "Comforter Zone"

We have a guest blogger today: Mary Ryan, our Vice President, has written the following post.
I think I am in good company when I admit that I try to avoid a trip to the hospital (ANY hospital) at all costs. That is until last week when I had the opportunity to meet some new friends and tour the very impressive Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH) for the first time. The result was eye opening, inspiring, and heartwarming.

Sue H., Dawn K., and Cindy B. have made blanket donations to our guild before and just recently took a batch of new fabrics handed down from our infamous guild member, Lucile N., and like Rumpelstiltskin, turned it into “gold” (or in this case more cheery quilts and blankets for the kids at SCH). These enthusiastic and talented ladies and I met up last week, the first time face to face, and took a tour of SCH. From the moment we set foot in the door at SCH we were greeted by warm and friendly volunteers and staff all eager to show us around.