Friday, July 17, 2015

Lucile & Mickie: 28 New Blankets and Quilts

I went up north to visit Lucile this week. You may recall that her beloved husband, Noble, passed away recently. Lucile has been busy in her home, as well as organizing Noble's workshop. A family of raccoons had made made their nest in the workshop's attic, and had to be dealt with, but none of that stopped our Lucile from donating 10 new fleece blankets! She had them waiting by the front door for me. She is a woman to admire.  
Thank you, Lucile - we are grateful to you!

We received a note on facebook from our friend Michelle Farris, with photographs, letting us know that she and a group of quilters in Seattle and Lynden had made 18 gorgeous new quilts and delivered them to Seattle Children's Hospital for our guild. The photos below were taken by Michelle:

Note the awesome skateboard design in the middle photograph!

Thank you, Michelle, for continuing to inspire and organize quilting groups to wrap patients in comfort! We appreciate you!