Friday, August 1, 2014

Lucile & Noble's Latest 30

Last week, I had the fun of introducing Lucile and Noble to my mother for the first time. Lucile and Noble are so inspiring to all of us, and as a fellow guild member, my mom had been wanting to meet them. It was a treat for everyone. It was also exciting to see what they had brought with them:
30 new quilts and blankets!
I would have liked to take all of these out of their bags and photographed them to show you, but I have pulled a muscle in my back and cannot do tasks like that for the next week or so. You'll have to imagine them.

Lucile and Noble amaze me with their generosity and work ethic. Lucile always says, "I've got to keep busy!" Remember, she is in her 90s, with Noble nearly 90 himself. What a wonderful example of a productive, happy, healthy marriage partnership and retirement!

Thank you, Lucile and Noble! 
Next time, I hope to be able to show off all of your handiwork (after my back heals).