Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Gift

I have so much to share with you that I need more than one posting. This has been an eventful time, but I haven't had time to share it with you here until now.

Our guild's friends Donna Haggard and Sandy Van De Putte have been busy making magic. You might remember Donna and Sandy's beautiful gift to our guild of a hand-made quilt a while back. Donna is a master-quilter and talented at hand-sewing; Sandy is a gifted teacher and quilter herself. Together, they make a fabulous team.

Donna's adult daughter had the same kind of cancer that Katie had. It manifested differently, but the outcome was the same. After Donna & Sandy donated a quilt to us in memory of Donna's daughter, Donna herself was diagnosed with cancer. Unbelievable, but true.

In the midst of her treatment, dear Donna crocheted blankets for our guild. When she finished her treatment, she and Sandy got together and made magic happen. They created a quilt which won BEST OF CATEGORY at the KITSAP COUNTY FAIR, and then they donated it to our guild so we can auction it off to raise funds! That kind of generosity is rare and beautiful, as is the quilt:
Donna on the left, Sandy on the right
Your president with Donna, Sandy and that gorgeous quilt
Another detail - check out the quilting!
Another view
This beauty is going to be available for auction sometime in the future. I will keep you posted here when this is in the works. Until then,  
THANK YOU, Donna and Sandy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gratitude and Generosity

We have had quite a blessed couple of weeks here at Katie's Comforters Guild. We're giving thanks for the generosity of our members and friends, as well as for those who have received the gift of one of our quilts and have let us know what it means to them.

First, the recent donations:
Two fleece beauties from Guild member Mary R.:
From Guild Member (& Gratitude Ambassadress) Mary R.
 Four crocheted lovelies from Katie's Comforters Guild friend Sonia B.:
From Sonia B. (aunt of Katie's aunt Cheri)
 and 44 (yes, that is forty-four)  
new quilts and fleece blankets from Lucile & Noble N.!
Four of Lucile's latest creations...
and four more...
seven of the fleece blankets Lucile made...
and four more fleece!
Did you know that Lucile has donated 632 blankets since her first donation in September of 2010?
We received a note on our Guild's facebook page (check us out there!) from a grateful mother of two children who have been admitted to Seattle Children's Hospital at different times. Fortunately, both of her children are fine now, but the time of their admission was a scary one.

Kari tells, in her own words, what our blankets/quilts mean to her:
"Thank you so much for your guild. This week I had the worst night of my life, when my 2 year old daughter was admitted to the hospital for croup. Your dog and cat quilt brightened her spirits. She loved it and slept with it. Thank you so much for all your efforts."
She goes on to say:
"This unfortunately was not our first hospital stay in our family. My son was hospitalized a year and a half ago with a strep B infection at age 4. He received a Linus blanket from your guild that still lays at the base of his bed. He looks
back fondly although I remember it otherwise, staying at the hospital and receiving his blanket. You can imagine how excited he was to greet his sister when she came home with her beautiful quilt. I think it is such a gift you all are giving young children, a positive attachment to an otherwise traumatic experience. I truly appreciate all the love you put in to your quilts. It has really made a difference with my children."
Thank you to every one of our members and friends for your generosity, creativity and compassion!
 Thank you, Kari, for letting us know about our Guild's positive impact on your family!