Monday, June 25, 2012

I Forgot!

Our dear friend, Mary R. (a guild member and the mother of our junior member, Briana) has agreed to take on the role of "gratitude ambassadress" for our guild. Mary will be writing "thank you" notes and tracking all of the donations our guild recieves in a spread sheet. Thank you, Mary!

Somehow, during the transition between me and Mary, I accepted a donation of blankets from our dear guild member Bev, yet forgot to photograph them, or post about them! ACK - my (very) bad. Thank you, Bev!

The good news is that Mary did not forget to thank Bev. Thanks again, Mary & Bev!

Fleece & Knitting

Last week, our planned "Stitch 'n' Bitch" had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Because I had already set the day aside for the activity, I got out the fleece which has been donated and started cutting fringe! I was able to finish 13 fleece blankets for the hospital.
When added to a batch of five fleece blankets made by Cami,

and two knitted blankets from Liberty Bay Books' knitting group,
we were able to donate 20 blankets to the hospital! Our friend (and Seattle Children's Hospital R.N.) Tracie made the delivery for us when she went in to work.

Thank you, fleece donors, 
Liberty Bay Books' Knitters, and 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Gift from Geri

I recently heard from Geri, with whom I went to school when we were young. Though we don't live in the same town anymore, we have found each other online (in addition to the running into one another occasionally). How lovely it was to receive a message from her, saying that she would like to donate to Katie's Comforters Guild. I received her donation this week, and this posting is to say, "Thank you, Geri!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lucile & Noble's Latest Gifts

Lucile & Noble stopped by on Monday with 22 new blankets and quilts!
Take a look at these beauties:

Kitten in fleece and quilts in blues...

Maroon and yellow; pink, blue & white...
pink, blue and white; yellow, red, green & blue...
and pinks!

Thank you, Lucile & Noble, for your kindness, generosity and artistry!
Please check out the Pampered Chef fundraiser (see the posting below)!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pampered Chef Fundraiser for Katie's Comforters Guild

Fundraiser for Katie’s Comforters Guild at Seattle Childrens Hospital

Please take a moment to check out the Pampered Chef online catalog link above, and support a great cause! The inspiration for Katie's Comforters Guild is Katie Gerstenberger, who was a patient at Seattle Children's Hospital. Her blanket from home, made for her by her mother, was a HUGE comfort to her during her treatment for cancer. Our goal is to bring that same comfort to all of the kids in the hospital. Volunteers make quilts and blankets for children at Seattle Children's, and funds raised through this sale will support that mission, and purchase supplies for the handmade quilts. For more information, please visit:
We'll raise funds three ways:
1. Donation of up to 15% of the fundraiser's total sales
2. $3 contribution for each Show booked from my fundraiser
3. Our Independent Consultant Michelle Farris will also donate her full commission of15% of total
fundraiser sales, so 25-30% of your purchase price will go to support Katie's Comforters Guild.
The more we fundraise, the higher percentage the Guild earns!
Please visit the link above and place an order through our fundraiser. Order high-quality products for your kitchen and for entertaining, while supporting our Guild. The fundraiser runs through June 20, so please make sure to place your order before that date. If you purchase more than $60.00, you will receive a free vegetable peeler- choose between serrated, julienne, traditional or avocado.
Please feel free to forward this information, and ask a friend or two to join us! Join in the fun - from the comfort of your own home!

Special thanks to Michelle Farris for this wonderful idea - please visit her page (see the link above) and contact her with any questions you may have!