Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cancer Advocacy Network Event on April 18th

Katie's Comforters Guild is a member of the C.A.N. (Seattle Children's Cancer Advocacy Network) Group, which has come together to form a guild. The CAN Guild is presenting the following event:
Children’s patient families, staff, volunteers and community members are invited to join the CAN (Cancer Advocacy Network) Guild for our first lecture of the year. Dr. Eric J. Chow, Medical Director of the Cancer Survivor Clinic at Seattle Children’s, will present. A Seattle Children’s cancer patient currently enrolled in the survivorship program will also present. Q&A session to follow.
Date:  April 18, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Location:  Anna Clise Board Room, Seattle Children's Hospital
Main Campus

Light refreshments will be served - and it's free! 
Please RSVP to Nicole Mead at or 206-987-8209 by April 13th.

Blankets, Fabric & Quilt Tops

We have just received two knitted/crocheted blankets from our friends in the Liberty Bay Books knitting group.
Thank you, Bev L. and Liberty Bay Books Knitters!

We also received a donation of fabric and antique quilt tops from Jeanne M.
Thank you, Jeanne M.!
Do you know what this means? More quilts for our (eventual) auction! I am excited to see what our friend Joan M. of Henhouse Quilts does with these "oldies but goodies." When they are finished, I will post photos. Added to the three beautiful antique quilt tops donated by Joan B. (also finished by Joan M.), we will have an exciting variety of quilts to offer at a fundraiser - location, time and date to be determined later.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

21 New Beauties from Lucile

Lucile and Noble came down to deliver 21 new quilts, and to take home some of the fabric bounty that was generously given to our guild by Adrienne M. and her family (from her late mother's fabulous collection). Here are Lucile's latest creations:
I love the Beatrix Potter prints.
More Beatrix Potter - so cute!

Thank you, Lucile & Noble!

Fabric Donation from Adrienne M.

Recently, we were given a huge donation of beautiful fabric from Adrienne M. and her family. Adrienne's mother passed away, and left an enormous "stash" of absolutely gorgeous fabric. There was so much fabric that the bags filled the back and the backseat of my SUV!

We are sharing this fabric with our members who sew and make fleece blankets, and they will turn it into comfort for patients at Seattle Children's Hospital. We are so thankful that Adrienne found our guild and contacted us.

Thank you to Adrienne and your entire family!

Monday, March 5, 2012

"Because of Katie" Book Event

On Friday, some of our guild members joined others in the community and attended the book talk and book-signing event for the launch of our president's new work, "Because of Katie." It was held at the  Loft at Latitude 47.7 in downtown Poulsbo, and was sponsored by Liberty Bay Books.
This is the owner of Liberty Bay Books, Suzanne Droppert, with our guild's president, Karen Gerstenberger (Katie's mom).

Liberty Bay Books is a generous supporter of our guild, hosting knitting/reading groups, and serving as a drop-off and pick-up location for blankets and quilts.
Suzanne invited the attendees to knit or crochet squares and take them to the bookstore, where they will be combined with others and made into larger blankets.
Thank you, Suzanne & Liberty Bay Books!
If you'd like to buy a copy of
"Because of Katie,"
stop by Liberty Bay Books,
or click here:

Beautiful New Gifts

We've been given some absolutely beautiful new quilts from Darla R. and Lucile N.

You may recall that we were given fabric from the Friends of Susy. Well, Lucile has already turned some of that fabric into beauty and comfort. Check this out:
Close-up of front and back
Close-up of fabrics

 Aren't those wonderful?

Darla donates her quilts to our secretary, Andrea, who then has her husband deliver them when he comes to work in our area. Look at these gorgeous quilts from Darla:
Close-up of Darla's handiwork. Her topstitching is positively artistic!
Thank you, Lucile & Darla
for your gorgeous quilts!
Thank you, Friends of Susy for the beautiful fabric!