Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wonderful Donations from Long Ago

We have received a wonderful donation from a friend, Joanie Brumley: three beautifully pieced quilt tops, made by her husband's grandmother. Here is their story, in Joanie's words.
This quilt has pink leaves on the back, with blue, black & white binding.
"Grandma Zella Brumley made these quilts. She lived in Ottumwa Iowa. I know that these were all finished by 1960, but she had saved pieces from old everythings to make them...Several of the quilts she made were done by groups of church ladies, but Lee and I think that these three were hers alone. It seems the group quilts were always signed. Grandma was a little saver. The supreme recycler. She was married in the very early 1900's and some of this material probably is from her early married days. Her hobbies were her quilts and hand made rag rugs, and oh, her only son Vern, and his 3 sons, Lyle, Lynn and Lee. Lee was delighted to know that they were finished, and that they will benefit 'Katie's Quilts.' "
The squares are 2.5"

Its overall size is 7'6" by 5'8.5"
The next quilt:
The overall size of this quilt is 6'8" by 4'9"
It has a gray-brown flannel backing with brown polka-dot binding

The squares on this quilt are 1.5"
Last, but not least, is the largest quilt of the three:
This quilt measures 7'1" by 7'7" overall!

It has polka-dot backing (blue on white), and a light-brown binding (with turquoise edging on the top)

The squares are 1.5"

The fabrics used in each one of the quilts are delightful!
Our friend, Joan Morey of Henhouse Quilts in Shelton, WA, finished these gorgeous quilt tops, with binding, batting, backing and beautiful stitches, using her long-arm quilting machine.
We can't quite put into words how lovely they are, and how thankful we are!

Because these works of art contain rare, old and re-purposed fabrics, we cannot donate them to patients in the hospital. However,
we can offer them
for auction
to you!
Stay tuned for more news about the auction...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bainbridge Bargain Boutique

Seattle Children's Hospital has several Bargain Boutiques around the Puget Sound area. Visiting the Bargain Boutique is like going to an estate sale every day. There are books, music, movies, clothes, toys, furniture, ktichen gadgets and home decor items - it's an ever-changing array. People in the community donate gently used items, and others buy them - an example of "recycling" at its best!

This month, all of the Bargain Boutiques are supporting Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month - helping to raise awareness and funds for research. Please stop by your local Bargain Boutique and shop to support this great cause!

The Bainbridge Bargain Boutique has a beautiful stash of NEW quilting fabric that is selling at a deep discount from regular prices. Check it out, and see where your inspiration takes you! If Bainbridge isn't near your home, here is a link to the other locations and their addresses (in Shoreline, Redmond, Port Townsend, Kent & Olympia). The stores support uncompensated care at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Have fun shopping, and do good at the same time - it's a powerful combination!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Donations

Our guild received some wonderful donations this week.
We are grateful to Linda K-H, who donated four more beautiful quilts...
and to Lucile & Noble, who drove to Poulsbo to deliver 23 more fleece and quilted blankets,
as well as 9 bead bags for the
Beads of Courage program at Seattle Children's Hospital
(see the posting before this one).
Thank you, Linda
Lucile & Noble!